Moollon Vintage Wah NOS
Moollon Vintage Wah NOS
Moollon Vintage Wah NOS
Moollon Vintage Wah NOS
Moollon Vintage Wah NOS

Moollon Vintage Wah NOS

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Product description

Moollon vintage wah newin the mid 60's, a trumpet player named clyde mccoy had asked vox for a device that could simulate the sound of a muted trumpet. The vox clyde mccoy wah-wah was born in 1966, with a picture of clyde on the bottom.The moollon vintage wah is based on the early wahs like pre-clyde mccoy in '66, clyde mccoy in '67, and v846 in '69.The same spec of capacitors as pre-clyde mccoy were used for wah's q point range and inductors - one of the most important parts for the authentic sound - are all handmade one by one to the exact spec of those "small center hole" inductors in '67 clyde mccoy wahs. All the other parts are of the spec of '68 v846 for the clear and transparent sound. Cts pots - the closest to the original icar - were used for smooth sweep and open sound. All these handmade and selected parts guarantee top quality wah sound. This model is:split bypass - sounds are compatible with each other when bypassed or turned on. A kind of treble loss occurs when bypassed, which results in warm and mellow tone, one of the contributing factors to those gutsy sounds in 1960's. Also this character can be utilized to make a fuzz pedal sound clearer and more transparent by preceding it in the signal chain.

Moollon is a registered Corenne which Specializes in guitars, basses and effects of high-end vintage-inspired.
The finish found on all their products is that of steel grav.
Original and chic. Can not be confused with another brand.

Ct wah, one inspired by the MODEL clbre Vox Clyde McCoy. It is available in True Bypass or Bypass Split. Split Bypass offers in fact the true bypass and true bypass.

Personally I MODEL True Bypass. I prfr the MODEL with Split Bypass, but I did not choosy. Indeed, these pedals are rare.

For CHARACTERISTICS, nothing simpler and more classic rocker crmaillre, mcanique switch, an input / output device, a power supply by 9V battery or mains. Nothing more.
Trs chic black cardboard packaging with certificate of authenticity.

Trs pedals in a beautiful etched mtal robust, well built. Magnificent.


Trs simple: a Vox V847 wah classic type.
The switch snaps easily but not unexpectedly.
The stroke of the lever is short plutt.
One may regret the impossibility of changing the stiffness of the lever, but it is well plutt RULES.


That is his strength: a vintage sound of characters. Superb.
One's available, but what's, what music. Bliss.


Those who think that Korea continues to produce effects, bass guitars and low end, poorly constructed and poorly finished, absolutely must reconsider their decision.
Today, manufacturers compete with more coren clbres amricains manufacturers or English.

A wah pedals, and even a SERIES effects, guitars and basses to promote. It's beautiful, a nice ring to it, the competition must perform all necessary!

One of the finest wah of the market even if it provides only sound.