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The Floor Board has two main modes of operation: Channel Select and Effect On/Off. Effect On/Off gives you instant direct access to your Digital Guitar Amplifier System's effects. Step on one of the sturdy steel Effect On/Off switches and the amp instantly responds by turning that effect on or off, just like a classic effect stomp box. Red lights above each Effect On/Off switch show you whether an individual effect is On (light on) or Off (light off) so you can see the details of your Channel's setup at a glance.

The Floor Board's two built-in continuous pedals control the Wah and Volume effects of the Digital Guitar Amplifier System. The Wah Pedal includes a toe-down on/off switch just like a classic wah pedal, and its tone is modeled after* a vintage Vox™ wah for a very musical, expressive sound. The audio signal from your guitar doesn't go through the Floor Board - these are just remote controls for the Digital Guitar Amplifier System's processing. That means the guitar signal always stays inside the amp and in the digital domain, safe from the kind of hum and interference that you can get when using traditional pedals on-stage.

The Floor Board gives you the same Tap Tempo control of effect times as you get from your Digital Guitar Amplifier System. With the AX2, Tap Tempo controls the speed, or tempo, of your delay effects. Just tap a couple of times on the TAP TEMPO stomp switch. Now the individual echoes of your delay will happen in time to the tempo you just tapped on the switch. You can store the new delay time with the Channel if you like, so that it will be recalled the next time you choose that Channel. With a Flextone, POD, or Spider the Floor Board Tap Tempo control can also be used to set the speed of your other effects, just like the Tap Tempo button on the Flextone top panel.