Ibanez BB9 Bottom Booster Pedal
Ibanez BB9 Bottom Booster Pedal

Ibanez BB9 Bottom Booster Pedal

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We have all heard of the treble booster or mid booster style pedals that let you pop out more on a solo. What happens when you already have a great lead sound but may want something more to really push your rhythm sound up a notch? Well that is when you get something like the Ibanez BB9 a powerful overdrive pedal that has been designed from the ground up to fatten up the low end of any guitar sound and add boost your gain up a notch.

Simple Controls

The BB9 is incredibly simple to set up and if you own any other boost or overdrive pedal you may already be used to exactly how this pedal works. You have a gain control so you can set how much dirt you want, a volume control for setting up the output level and a tone control which instead of focusing on the high end it lets you dial in more or less low end punch to suit your amp, guitar and sound.

Power Up Your Sound

No matter if you just want to add a bit more grit and low end punch to your single coils or really want to get the most out of your humbucker loaded guitar the BB9 is there to help. Thanks to its smooth overdrive and really pounding low end response you can take your anemic 1 guitarist mix in to a full sounding rig that has no gaps in the mix.

Here's what Ibanez say about the BB9 Bottom Booster

The Ibanez BB9 is a booster that provides a fat bottom end and a powerful sound. This pedal is designed to help clean tones reverberate even more and bring more intensity to a player's sound. Combination with a distortion pedal allows for creation of a wide variety of tone colors, and the pedal is also equipped with True Bypass.