Korala Poly Ukes concert ukulele polycarbonate Hawai orange

Korala Poly Ukes concert ukulele polycarbonate Hawai orange

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concert ukulele polycarbonate, back with acoustic chambers, Hawai green
The Korala PUC-30 concert ukulele (also called “Poly Uke” or “Korala Explore”) is great value for money and you get more than you pay for. It may take a little getting used to the idea that its body is made of brightly coloured polycarbonate, but the PUC-30 plays and sounds great. In other words: Plastic fantastic!

The colorful design on the PUC-30's frontplate is a real eye-catcher . There are several designs available: black panther, b/w with skull eagle, union jack with skull, skull with union jack hat, gold aztec, junior skeleton, pink palm tree, hawaii orange, hawaii green, black with flames, black with red star, rainbow of hearts, yellow and blue smileys, yellow smiley checkers, blue face, pink fractals.

The price/quality ratio of the PUC-30 is a lot better compared to its wooden competition.
The fingerboard is moulded ABS with integrated frets. This is superior to the rough painted wooden fingerboards that you commonly see on other cheap coloured ukuleles. Another advantage of the fingerboard is that it is precision made and moulded in one piece, so no badly laid or rough frets and great accurate intonation up the neck.

The Korala PUC-30 is a great ukulele for beginners: low price, but durable. The metal tuners are the only thing preventing the PUC-30 from being fully water proof.

An experienced ukulele player can have a lot of fun with the PUC-30 as well. It can easily be travelled with and handle a few bumps in the road and is very affordable.

De PUC-30 deviates from the norm, but positively surprises everyone. It sounds great, looks cool and if you can keep the headstock out of the water, you can even take a bath with it.