Epiphone akustisk gitar  PRO-1 EB Svart
Epiphone akustisk gitar  PRO-1 EB Svart

Epiphone akustisk gitar PRO-1 EB Svart

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Epiphone PRO-1 Acoustic Guitar

Only Air Guitar is Easier to Play!

Ask any player about learning guitar and you’ll often hear comments like: “I could never get it in tune,” “My fingers hurt too much,” and “It was hard to play so I just gave up.”

Epiphone listened—and the Epiphone PRO-1 Acoustic Collection provides the solution.   Drawing on over 140 years of experience, Epiphone luthiers have re-invented the acoustic guitar to create an instrument that’s easy to get started on but sounds so good you’ll keep playing it all your life.

Say goodbye to the “learning guitar” blues and hello to the joy of playing music on a new family of fine instruments from Epiphone!

Learning Guitar Just Got Fun Again

The PRO-1 is a terrific first step into the world of guitar featuring all of the PRO Collection's breakthrough features.   Epiphone, one of the world’s oldest and most respected guitar makers, has just made playing and learning guitar easy for everyone.  

Designed by Professionals to be EASY to PLAY!

Creating a truly easy-to-play guitar wasn’t easy.  And at Epiphone, we take making a great guitar seriously, no matter what the player’s level. So Epiphone rethought the guitar from top to bottom to make an instrument that anyone can play right away.  The result is a truly “PRO” guitar that’s easy to play, easy to own, and most importantly, delivers the full, vibrant sound that Epiphone is known for.  The PRO-1 acoustic guitar is the result of exhaustive analysis, numerous technological innovations, and suggestions from a “who’s who” of professional players.  And now it’s time to play!

The PRO-1 acoustic guitar has all of the PRO-1 Collection’s innovative easy-to-play features:


Less fatigue.  Wrap your hand around the PRO-1’s neck and you’ll immediately feel how comfortable it is. Epiphone’s new EZ-Profile™ neck is designed so your hand can easily form chords without feeling fatigued.



Effortless Fretting.  Epiphone JumboPRO™ frets make fretting notes and chords seem effortless.  JumboPRO™ frets are taller and wider than smaller frets.  So, when you push down a string, it’s easier to make string contact with the fret, creating less hand fatigue and finger friction.



Shorter is Easier.  Scale length is the distance from the saddle to the nut.  The shorter the scale length, the “looser” the strings feel.  Because the PRO-1’s scale length is almost 1” shorter than most acoustic guitars, the strings are under less tension so you don’t have to press hard to get good tone.  And – since the frets are closer together-- making chords is easier!



Make friction fiction. String and fingerboard friction not only slows your playing but also can hurt.  Our PRO-Ease™ string and fingerboard coating provides sleek, smooth action with reduced string noise.



No pain, no gain? Nonsense—Epiphone believes in “no pain.”  Light gauge strings are easier to play so every PRO-1 is set-up and equipped with Epiphone Ultra-Light strings. 



Easy action. With Epiphone’s Dual-Action truss rod, you can adjust the neck in both directions, which not only stabilizes the neck but also makes set-up easier and more precise.


 Tools of the Trade Included!

The PRO-1 includes a Sound Hole Humidifiertoprotect your precision instrument from moisture and environmental changes, aTips and TricksBook with tips on getting the most from your guitar, and free online lessons from eMedia. An optional AccessoryPRO™ Kit is also available to enhance your experience as you progress.



Body Shape: Dreadnougth

Body Material: Mahogany

Top: Spruce




Material: Mahogany

Profile: EZ-Profile™ “C” Shape

Fingerboard: Rosewood; PRO-Ease™ Lubricant

Inlays: Dot

Joint: Glued-in




Tuning Machines: 18:1 ratio Epiphone "Deluxe"

Tuner Plating: Nickel